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Bob Ferguson Wellness Blog - Ready Set Wellness

posted on 9/29/22


Bob Ferguson Wellness Blog - Ready Set Wellness


This week I'm offering a program that gets to the heart of optimizing our nutrition so we can be as healthy as possible.


This is, in one form or the other, is what I have done since 1972.  For the past 50 years my personal program for health has revolved around these simple practices. I admit at times to falling down a bit on some of them, particularly sleep, but when I'm hitting on all these cylinders, my health, mental state, and ability to serve others and myself is at its highest level.


My Five Key Health Practices


  1. Sleep - for most people 7-8 hours is optimal for adults.
  2. Clean diet - my personal preference is the Mediterranean/Dash diet.
  3. Manage stress - I practice TM, and I also follow daily techniques outlined in Positive Intelligence, the work of Stanford Professor Shirzad Chamine.
  4. Move and work your muscles - I work out five days a week remotely with my trainer in group strength and cardio classes along with individual strength training.
  5. Supplement wisely and sufficiently. Here's why this is so important.

Let's spend a little time on Point 5.  Here are three links you can explore if you want to understand and take advantage of the benefits of the clinically proven Ready Set Wellness program.

Feel free to give me a call at 913-208-6357.


What is Ready Set Wellness? One minute video

The Science Behind Ready Set Wellness booklet

Take the 5 minute Meology Assessment and find out what your optimal nutrition program looks like.

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