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posted on 7/20/23


Bob Ferguson Wellness Blog
Mental Fitness?

Does it make sense that in order to live a full life we need to be fit in all respects? My experience tells me that elements of fitness form a synergistic whole that allows us to live a full and satisfying life. Where to start? Where you can and where you want to is my answer.

Mental fitness is a great place to start for most of us. If we get a handle on how our minds work, and how we can overcome our mental saboteurs and enhance our sage qualities, everything else becomes easier.

Here's an interview I did with a young woman who works for me as a virtual assistant. I invited her to attend one of the Positive Intelligence six-week intensive programs I was running, and as you'll hear, her results were quite remarkable.

Interview with Kristin Heneghan

Let me know what you think.


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Here's to a healthy week.
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