Bob Ferguson Wellness Blog: Input = Output

posted on 7/7/23


Bob Ferguson Wellness Blog
Input = Output

Our bodies are unimaginably complex, entire universes of trillions of cells all operating such that we can function without thinking about all the complexity beneath the surface. That is until something breaks down and we realize our health and functional capacity is something to be valued and guarded.

One of the reasons I've loved being involved with Shaklee as a business for the past 47 years is the ability to share very specific products that in most instances help people maintain a superior level of health. The product formulations and research that go into the products is complex, but using them is simple.

Here is a story I recorded with Elizabeth Komins, a friend of many of us here in Fairfield. I started to work with her two years ago. Since then she has gradually lost 48 pounds without going on a specific diet. She just added a structured meal replacement and a customized package of nutrients to her eating plan every day. She explains her health journey in a most articulate way.

Call me if you are curious about what the products might do for you and we can talk.


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