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posted on 9/2/22


Bob Ferguson Wellness Blog


How Important is Sleep?


I did an inadvertent experiment several weeks ago that demonstrated just how debilitating lack of sleep can be. As it turns out, skimping on sleep whacks our health, physical strength, effectiveness, happiness, and personal relationships more than most of us realize.


Here is what happened to me, For a variety of reasons I only slept 5 hours the night before my strength workout on August 9. The picture is me on the bench contemplating a pyramid of 19 reps of chest presses on alternating flat and inclined bench, with 20, 25, and 30 pound dumbbells, with a last set on the flat to failure. I know exactly where I am as my trainer keeps meticulous records of weights and reps. At the top of the pyramid and the bottom going to failure the lack of sleep took away 25% of my reps. I was amazed.


Here are a few links to help us all to bone up on the benefits of proper sleep and the consequences of cutting sleep.


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And who would have suspected this?

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48 Sleep Life Hacks – How to Get the Best Sleep Every Night!


Here's to a good night sleep and your good health,



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