Bob Ferguson Wellness Blog - Health Benefits of Laughter

posted on 3/24/23


Bob Ferguson Wellness Blog - Health Benefits of Laughter


Bob Ferguson Laughter


How can you get more laughter in your life? I took this right out of the article. If you'd like to read the full article you can do so here.

Laugh in your everyday situations

Life can be hard, but it can also be funny. Notice humor in your routine. Think funny thoughts. Even practice laughing. It may feel forced at first, but it can quickly become a natural habit.

Share a laugh with friends or family

Did you know you are 30 times more likely to laugh around other people than when you are by yourself? Make time to spend with people who are funny and make you laugh. It’s even better if you get them laughing too. It’s contagious! Laugh with each other. Tell jokes. Share funny stories. Laugh, and laugh some more.

Watch stand-up comedy live, on television or on YouTube

Find comedians who make you laugh. Watch their routines. Tell some of their jokes. Share about the comedian with friends or family, and enjoy watching the comedian together.

Look up jokes online or in books

You can search for anything online, including good jokes. Try typing in “best knock-knock jokes” in your search engine or “best jokes” from a particular comedian. You might even try your local library or bookstore for some laughing material. Have you checked the Sunday “funnies” comic strips? Humor is everywhere.

Know what isn’t funny

Be responsible with your laughter. Don’t laugh at someone else’s expense. It’s about laughing with them—not at them. Irony and sarcasm can seem like humor, but they actually have the opposite effect on others. So, the key is to laugh with, not at. I hope this encourages you to take time to laugh this week. 


Here's to a healthy week.


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