November 25, 2015
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The whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. The Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce is operated by a dedicated staff committed to community service, the advocacy of our members and the furthering of the Fairfield mission. The Chamber plays host to more than 60 events, 150 committee meetings and dozens of gatherings each year. Our staff makes it happen.

Nancy Morrissey

Nancy Morrissey, Executive Director

Nancy Morrissey advanced to serve as the Chamber Executive Director for the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce in 2012. Nancy came to the Chamber in 1993 as Administrative Assistant, advanced to Chamber Administrator and has 23 years of experience working with Fairfield Area Chamber members, committees and volunteers.

“I am very passionate about the Chamber and believe fully in the capacity to market, promote and enhance the business climate in the region. Working closely with the Board of Directors, there is tremendous potential for the Chamber, the Board and the staff I lead, to carry out our mission to expand our membership base, enhance our programs and services and take a fresh look at existing and new events, to make sure they meet, or exceed, the expectations of our members,” said Morrissey.

“As Executive Director I’m excited to steer the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce now and in the future,” said Nancy Morrissey. “Being a part of the Fairfield Chamber is an opportunity to be part of a long standing tradition of local business excellence, as well as to help drive the progress of the Chamber, in our steadily changing business environment.”

Nancy was appointed by the Fairfield Mayor to serve as a member of the Fairfield Beautification Commission. She also serves on the Fairfield Economic Development Association board, the Fairfield Manufacturers Board and the Fairfield Iowa Convention and Visitors Bureau board.

Nancy and her husband John, who is the Fairfield City Attorney and has his own law practice, have been married for 20 years and have six children; Shawn, Kelly, Daniel, Amy, Katherine and James.

Nancy Morrissey

Lindsey Waugh, Chamber Administrator

Lindsey was born and raised in Iowa City, but has lived and traveled all over the world, including Hawaii, Spain and Morocco. Her love of learning about other cultures brought her to study international relations and Spanish at the University of Iowa, where she received her BA in 2011.

Lindsey has ten years’ experience in outdoor retail sales management and as a buyer. She enjoys all things outdoors, especially yoga, swimming, hiking and camping. She also has a great love for cooking. While living in San Sebastián, she researched gastronomic societies of the Basque Country as well as perfected many international dishes.

Lindsey has lived in the Fairfield area with her partner, Jeremy Waugh since July of 2013. They are looking forward to starting their first garden together next spring.

Lindsey said, “I am thrilled to be working for the Chamber. I consider Fairfield to be one of Iowa’s most colorful gems. I look forward to learning more about my new town, finding opportunities to get involved and contribute to its unique flair.”

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