December 01, 2015
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We’ve got room to play, too. Host to the Jefferson County Park along with several municipal parks, Fairfield has plenty to offer campers, bikers, hikers and everything in between. Our recreational pride and joy? Impossible to choose just one, but the Jefferson County Trail System is a vibrant, emerald green corridor created for recreation. The 16 miles of completed trails (growing to 22 this October) meander through and around woodlands, wetlands, prairie, lakes, old railroad beds, and over major trail bridges. The Fairfield Loop Trail, encircling the city, connects the largest parks and public spaces: two major preserves as well as the city and county's largest parks. The Jefferson County Park trail system contains hiking and biking trails. The trails take you through a diversity of landscapes including timber, pine tree plantings, meadows and reintroduced prairie. A 75-foot swinging bridge is featured on the trail connecting the picnic area with the camp area.