November 28, 2015
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We believe it is our obligation to be stewards of the natural resources entrusted to us and our responsibility to protect our environment and eco-system for all future generations. We believe we can fulfill this obligation through listening, communicating, and acting collectively, while honoring the diversity of opinions and interests in our community. We envision that through education, leadership, and private and public partnerships, patterns of sustainability will be demonstrated through community-wide action.

There are three broad goals
offered to our community in this plan.

First, in the area of
Community and Culture:

Goal 1 | To create and maintain the
sustainability culture

Second, in the area
of Economic Development:

Goal 2 | To create jobs, wealth, and
opportunities for investment, with
sustainable development

Third, in the area of Land use,
Buildings, and Transportation:

Goal 3 | To achieve sustainable
community design, public policy,
and infrastructure

the City of Fairfield’s Go Green web
site, for all the latest on the Green
Plan’s implementation, current
events, and ways to get involved.